RULES AND MECHANICS: NNC XI PHOTOCONTEST 2017 (“Breastfeeding: Epitome of Mother’s Love Towards a Strong Nation”)



The NATIONAL NUTRITION COUNCIL REGION XI in cooperation with PRim Communications and Events Company and Davao Photographers Club (DPC) is having a photo contest to help promote awareness that breast milk provides ideal nutrition for infants thereby building a strong and progressive nation.

  1. THEME OF PHOTOCONTEST: “Breastfeeding: Epitome of Mother’s Love Towards a Strong Nation”
  2. WHAT TO ENTER: Photos that depict importance of nutrition by breastfeeding children at early age (no age limit as long as the child is still being breastfed) and consistent with the theme. In addition, please be guided with the proper way/position of breastfeeding which shall be considered in choosing the finalists. See guidelines in Item #15 below.
  3. ELIGIBILITY: The Photo Contest is open to all photo enthusiasts and photographers (beginner, amateur and professional).
  4. REGISTRATION: Registration is FREE. Please email to the following:
      1. Last Name/FirstName/M.I.
      2. Birthdate
      3. Address
      4. Contact Number
      5. Email

    You will receive a confirmation email as proof of your registration. No registration no entry/ies.

  • ENTRY PERIOD: Photos must taken from MAY 2017 TO JUNE 15, 2017, the deadline for submission of entries.
  • NUMBER OF ENTRIES: Each registrant is allowed to submit up to TWO (2) ENTRIES .

Entries must be in FULL COLOR ONLY in any orientation and may be processed using global methods limited to cropping, minor burning, dodging and color correction. Watermarks, borders, high dynamic range images (HDR) composite and stitched panoramas are NOT allowed. OVERPROCESSED photo entries shall be automatically disqualified.

Photo entries must in JPEG digital file only and must at least be 2000 × 3000 pixels at 240 or 300 dpi. Finalists shall be notified to submit a bigger file to meet standards of desired printing size.

Photo Entries shall be submitted via email to in the following:

  • Subject of email: NNC Photocontest 2017 Entries
  • Body of the email:
      • Full Name:
      • Address:
      • Contact Number/s:
      • TITLE OF ENTRY 1:
      • Short description of Entry 1:
      • Where was the photo taken:
      • When was the photo taken:
      • TITLE OF ENTRY 2:
      • Short description of Entry 2:
      • Where was the photo taken:
      • When was the photo taken:
  • Attachments to the email: each Photo shall contain a distinct file name. Photo entry/ies shall have the following file name – FIRST AND LAST NAME followed by PHOTO ENTRY NO. Example file name for photo entries: JUANDELACRUZPHOTOENTRY1  

Photo Entries’ EXIF data must NOT be altered or deleted.

  1. DEADLINE for submission is on JUNE 15, 2017 at 12:00 MIDNIGHT. Sponsor’s computes shall be the official time-keeping device.
  2. SELECTION OF FINALISTS: There shall be a pre-selection of twenty(20) finalists which shall be the entries eligible for major prizes. All 20-finalists may be included in a photo display/exhibit, the venue and date of the photo display/exhibit to be announced.
  4. a) Adherence to the Theme – 30%
  5. b) Originality and Creativity – 30%
  6. c) Technical Excellence – 30%
  7. d) Online Voting – 10%

First Prize: Php 12,000.00 and Plaque

Second Prize: Php 7,000.00 and Plaque

Third Prize: Php 5,000.00 and Plaque

Consolation Prizes: Seven (7) consolation prizes who will get Php 1000.00 each and a Certificate.

Remaining finalists shall be given certificates.

Decision of the final board of judges shall be final.

  1. OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By submitting photos to the contest, you, the entrant agree that you have read the rules and conditions of the contest and accepts without condition or reservation the following:

You confirm to the contest organizers that you personally shot the photo, that you are the rightful owner of said photo, and that you have secured any necessary third‐party releases if necessary.

You retain the copyrights to your photos images, but grants to the NNC without need for attribution, prior permission or additional pay or consideration: the right to use the submitted images royalty‐free, world‐wide and in perpetuity; the non‐ exclusive license to copy, display, distribute, reproduce, and create derivative works of the submitted images, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for all non‐profit public information purposes.

NNC reserves the right to contact photographers to confirm information in the entry form or for any other purpose considered necessary.

NNC reserves the right to disqualify entrants who: are unable to validate the information submitted on the entry form; tamper with the process; or breach the rules of this contest.

Upon submission of photos and digital images, ownership of said photos and digital images shall be deemed transferred to the NNC. Hence, you hereby waiving all proprietary claims over said prints and digital copies submitted to the contest.

Decisions by the JUDGES, SCREENING COMMITTEE and NNC are final. In participating in this contest, you agree to comply with and be bound by the decisions of the Judges, Screening Committee and NNC on all matters associated with the contest, and waives all rights to judicial recourse in case of disputes.


Photo Entries must not have been entered in any contest, used and/or published in any form with any publication, either print or digital, including social media and other forms of publication, before and during the contest.

Trustees, Board Members, Officers, Employees, Members of ALL organizers including sponsors, their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) are NOT eligible to join the contest.

Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard herein set shall be automatically disqualified. Decision of the screening committee in pre-selection shall be final.

Any violation of any rules of of the contest shall be a cause for disqualification whether such cause is found before of after winners have been declared. In the latter, winning entrant undertakes to return whatever prize s/he received and the win shall be voided. There shall no succession of winners.

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the contest rules as it deems necessary and without prior notice.

   15. Guidelines in proper breastfeeding:

guidelines in proper breasdtfeeding2

16. Prizes must be claimed personally by the winners at the NNC Region XI Office in Davao City within 60-days from formal advice to claim. Otherwise, the same shall be forfeited in favor of NNC.



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